B: Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve, Southlake Texas

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B: Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve, Southlake Texas

Bob Jones Nature Center is one of my favorite places in Texas to retreat and regroup. Of course, it’s just about in my backyard, which is nice.

Bob JonesI’m also probably a little partial to it because it’s named for a Jones, my mother’s maiden name. Not only that, I admire what Bob Jones accomplished with his life. After the Civil War, he and his mother were freed from slavery. He purchased 60 acres from his father and start about building an empire of almost 1,000 acres. At the time of his death, people thought so highly of him, that his funeral was attended by over 500 people. In 1936. People came from all over to pay their tributes. He’s buried at Medlin Cemetery, one of my three favorite cemeteries in the area, which is how I discovered Bob Jones initially.

When construction began on Lake Grapevine in 1947, many families were displaced. Except for Eugie Jones Thomas, one of Bob Jones’ daughters. She fought the Army Corps of Engineers … and won. She received a letter from Washington telling her she could keep all of her property.

Bob Jones barnBecause of Eugie’s determination and grit, taking on the fight ‘against City Hall’, residents in the area now have a refuge and place of beauty to visit. 758 acres full of natural beauty. Hiking trails through a Cross Timbers ecosystem, birdwatching, children’s classes and more are available here.


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