Animals are Better than Humans – They love Roadtrips (Man takes dying dog on a Bucket List Roadtrip)


According toAOL News, when Thomas Neil Rodrigues found out his beloved pup only had a few more weeks left to live, he decided to give his dog, Poh, a trip of a lifetime.

In 7 weeks the pair took an epic road trip, visiting 35 cities along the way. Rodriguez told ABC News that “It was a great trip. I got to spend seven weeks with Poh. At first, I did not think he’d make it two weeks, but he did.”

Poh, who is 15, was adopted by his owner when he was just 8 weeks old. After doctors told Rodriguez that his friend of over a decade might now have much more time, he quickly took off on their last journey.


“It was a little bit for him, a little bit for me.”

Prior to their trip, Rodriguez documented the journey on an Instagram account created…

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Shangri-La Days

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