X: X Marks the Spot – any spot

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X: X Marks the Spot – any spot

oasis1Nature soothes us and nourishes our soul. We can fill our life with peace and serenity without driving hours and fighting traffic to reach a place of beauty. We don’t need a day or a weekend to visit these out of the way spots.

Your Shangri-La space is wherever you find it.


  • It may be a tucked away corner in your backyard.
  • It could be on your own back patio, sitting in a lounge chair reading a good book, or watching hummingbirds come drink at a feeder.
  • Maybe a solitary park bench under a shady tree in the parking lot at work is the closest place you can retreat to.
  • A small pocket park in the midst of development may be your get away space.
  • It could even be an hour spent wandering the garden department at your local hardware store.

oasis3Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Don’t wait until you have the spare time, or have the gas money, or whatever it is that keeps us from perusing a small spot of peace in an otherwise hectic life.

oasis5X’ marks the spot, any spot. Find your oasis wherever you can. Where is your special spot to find serenity?



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