L: Laguna Beach, CA

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L: Laguna Beach, CA

laguna1When I think of Shangri-La, Laguna Beach is the first spot that pops into my mind.

Granted, there are other beautiful beach locations. But from years of heading to Laguna Beach every chance I got, this is the one that has my heart. Way back in high school – longer than I’ll ever tell here, but I will tell admit that I’m a grandmother of four – this was the weekend designation. That was back when I was driving an old Ford Galaxy and I had to add a quart of oil before I headed out for the day.

laguna2Now, many people like the Main Beach Park, where Broadway Street (Hwy 133) dead ends into Pacific Coast Highway. I think there is a perpetual volleyball game there that’s been going on long before I started visiting in the mid-70’s. There’s always a lot of activity there, with lots of people and socializing.

And if you’re not in the beach mood – Laguna Beach is full of art galleries and every sort of fun, quirky little shop you could ever imagine. Now and then I’d find myself strolling through the various creative venues. When I could tear myself away from the beach.

I always headed north to one of the coves. Access was a lot different then, scrambling our way down the sandy side of the cliff. The times, they are a’changing and now access to the beach is easy in several locations.

Parking however – still about the same, not so easy. Finding a spot now isn’t any easier than it was then. And now you need handfuls of quarters to keep your spot secure without any parking tickets.

laguna3Heisler Park – that’s where you’ll find me. Sitting on one of the many picnic tables overlooking the Pacific vista, listening to the surf, letting every ounce of tension ooze from my body to be replaced by a calming wave of zenful peace. Fun, creative public art sculptures are sprinkled throughout the extensive park setting.


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