A is for APTOS

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aptosA: APTOS, CA

Aptos, California is a tiny coastal town. I’ve only been there once, yet I long to return.

We were driving down the coast, about ten years ago, coming home from San Francisco. Looking for a place to stay for the night, the name Aptos intrigued us. We had to drive off the main road a bit to get there. It was the perfect spot for an overnight stay. This quiet little cove offered peace and relaxation. The next morning we walked down by the concrete ship – yes, you read that right – a concrete ship right on the shore.

At the time I was weaving a lot. I was in an active guild in southern California. They were few and far between. Yet here we were in this teeny tiny town and they had FOUR weaving guilds!

I never made it back to Aptos. And now I sit in Texas, thousands of miles away. But I will get back there at least once more, and hopefully for more than one night, so I can explore to my heart’s content.

Aptos, with a population of 6,220 is located south of Santa Cruz and north of Carmel. Check it out here: http://aptoschamber.com/tourism/

aptos2Make sure to see the concrete boat: http://www.beachcalifornia.com/cement-ship-seacliff-beach.html

Do you have a favorite place where you like to go retreat and find peace? Where is it at? Leave us a comment about your favorite sanctuary location. We’d love to know!


9 thoughts on “A is for APTOS

  1. Oh!! This sound exactly like me! We were on our way home from a long driving trip in November 2012, and saw a sign “Mission Beach” ( its in the Australian state of Queensland) I asked my husband “Have you been there? It sounds like it belongs in a James Bond movie” he had not been there, one of the few places in QLD he hadn’t been to, so like you, we detoured and found this amazing little town. We were supposed to stay one night and keep going, but as soon as we checked in and saw the beach we stayed two! Its tiny and remote and has a beautifully clean un cluttered beach and everyone was so happy! Its my “runaway place” my whole family know if Mum goes missing look at Mission Beach! I will retire there one day, its my goal!!


    • What a fun story Kim! I love it.
      See, now I haven’t been to Australia. You’ve seen more of the US than I have of your wonderful continent. I think we’re like minded as far as loving beaches! Thanks for sharing your special spot!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are very welcome and if you ever get the chance to come to Australia let me know I’ll show you my other favourite beach place called St Leonards, I am heading there today for the Easter weekend!


  2. A wonderful post. Those out of the way towns are often filled with treasures! Best to you on your A to Z journey!


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